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User Agreement Terms and Conditions

Medical Recovery Systems, Inc., an Ohio Corporation, (MRSI) hosts the MRSI Web Portal at which clients and other authorized parties can access client materials. The MRSI Web Portal is provided for the benefit of clients and other authorized parties. The MRSI Web Portal provides clients with secure access to reports and other information. This User Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions governing your access and use of the MRSI Web Portal. You must agree to comply with the applicable terms and conditions of this User Agreement.


By indicating your acceptance of this User Agreement and/or accessing the MRSI Web Portal, you agree to comply with the terms set forth herein. If you do not agree, then do not access the MRSI Web Portal.

You will be given a User ID for access to the MRSI Web Portal. Each User ID may have a different level of access privilege. You agree that your User ID is only for your personal use, and you will not permit anyone else to use your User ID or disclose your ID (verbally or in writing) to anyone. You are responsible for all access to the MRSI Web Portal through your User ID. If you believe that another party has gained access to your User ID, you must inform MRSI immediately. You may not transfer your ID to anyone else.

You represent and warrant that any information you provide to MRSI in order to obtain access to the MRSI Web Portal is complete and accurate. It is your responsibility to inform MRSI of any changes to keep your user information current. MRSI reserves the right to suspend user privileges and block access to any user who violates this User Agreement.


a. Overview
Your User ID only allows you to view materials related to your facility and relationship with MRSI, and provides no ability to view materials for any other party. You shall not attempt to access or view materials by any other party. If for any reason you obtain access to materials not related to your relationship with MRSI, you shall immediately inform MRSI at medsharepoint@medicalrecovery.net and refrain from viewing or downloading such materials.

b. Viewing and Downloading
You have the ability to view and download materials including documents and reports. You must maintain the appropriate level of confidentiality for material that you download from the MRSI Web Portal. MRSI is not responsible for the security of any material that you download from the MRSI Web Portal.

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