Staffing Services

Our recruiters have practical experience in healthcare, a combined 33 yrs. - our ticket to success.

On-Boarding Program

Our clients contact us to hire staff for open or newly created positions. Bringing on a new employee through on-boarding allows clients to evaluate employees in their environment to determine if they are a fit to the work and the culture. MRSI places employees in various areas within the revenue cycle for anywhere from six months to a year. The employees are given a full benefit package by MRSI which demonstrates our commitment to them, and allows MRSI to attract high quality candidates.

Long Term Contract Staffing

This program is the best fit when you need staff to work a key project or enhance a current work group. Our staff become an integral part of your team for as long as you need them. One of the most challenging aspects of using a staffing agency is the lack of dependability. Since our staff receive a full benefit package, and understand the parameters of these types of engagements, they are willing and committed to providing ongoing positive contributions as part of your team.

New Hire Training

If needed, MRSI can provide revenue cycle training for the staff we hire into your organization. Whether they are new to healthcare or just need a refresher, MRSI has a team of industry savvy trainers who have each worked in healthcare for a minimum of 15 years. They are Epic credentialed and certified by HFMA as Certified Revenue Cycle Representatives. All of our trainers have worked as managers in the revenue cycle.

MRSI staff is part of our management succession plan. Five of our managers have been promoted through the MRSI ranks.

This staffing arrangement is key to sustaining our performance. It creates success day to day.

MRSI's staff are much more dependable and committed to doing a good job. I believe MRSI's ability to hire them as full time, fully benefited employees makes a big difference.