Medical Recovery Systems offers four service lines: Healthcare Financial Staffing, Accounts Receivable Outsourcing, Eligibility Services for Government Programs and Revenue Cycle Training.

Healthcare Financial Staffing employees are full-time employees of Medical Recovery Systems who work at client sites on assignments ranging from several weeks to an indefinite length. Our skilled, experienced staff work in many healthcare fields, such as patient accounting, medical records, registration, referral labs, physician office practices, home health and more. When clients utilize our staffing services, we help them choose the type of employee who best fits the job and your work environment.

Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services encompasses a variety of projects: from A/R conversions to payment arrangements, and insurance claims management to early out programs. By employing staff members who know your business, MRSI has the technical ability and business savvy to project a seamless continuation of clients' business office functions. We offer complete accounts receivable services that ensure highly effective account resolutions.

Eligibility Services for Government Programs are provided either at our facilities or client sites. Our Eligibility Specialists are mobile and visit patients wherever necessary to obtain information, attend meetings with various government agencies, and perform all the functions needed to get patients enrolled in assistance programs. By utilizing our extensive knowledge of government programs, we can obtain coverage for eligible patients thereby reducing potential bad debt and uncompensated care write offs.

Revenue Cycle Training Services are available for employees new to the healthcare field or for seasoned staff who may need additional training to reinforce a concept or to address a deficiency. Our team of experienced health care professionals use a hands-on approach to training, giving individualized attention when needed and conduct assessments throughout to make sure the employee is proficient in the skills taught.

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