Accounts Receivable Outsourcing

MRSI has been exceeding clients' expectations for over a quarter of a century. All services customized to each client's situation in both scope and price.

Extended Business Office

You can engage MRSI for any or all of the following services:

a. Insurance follow up for all payers - This program works in concert with your inhouse workflow. MRSI provides ongoing follow up on accounts not resolved in the first claim submission. Accounts are usually placed with us between day 45 and 60. We diligently work with your payers to resolve problems and secure payment.

b. Self Pay and Patient Balance Services - MRSI has a full range of services to support the collection of patient responsibility accounts.

  1. Payment Plans - MRSI has a way to combine multiple patient accounts into one comprehensive plan and statement. With this statement patients can easily recognize what needs to be paid which eliminates customer service calls and complaints.
  2. Early Out/Precollection - We employ a highly effective campaign of phone calls and patient statements, supported by our experienced customer service staff. MRSI's comprehensive project data model with customized telephone capacity will strategically show strong results and consistent cash flow.
  3. Day one self pay - MRSI receives these accounts immediately after final system billing . Upon receipt of the accounts MRSI performs a Medicaid eligibility scrub to identify those covered by Medicaid. We utilize the services of our eligibility specialists to screen patients who may qualify for Medicaid coverage. See our white paper "Increased Revenue from Outpatient Self Pay Accounts" on our website. We service all remaining self pay patient accounts as defined in the "Early Out/Precollection" program.

A/R System Conversions

MRSI begins each conversion engagement with a detailed analysis of your legacy system receivables, which results in a workflow designed to maximize cash and identify critical bottlenecks immediately. We consistently exceed our clients' projected cash goals by 10%.

Special Projects

Because of all the mergers and acquisitions occurring in today's healthcare market, MRSI is consistently engaged in performing special A/R management projects for its clients. We treat each request as a unique project by modifying our workflows and our reporting according to the defined goal. These projects cover a breadth of service areas, from hospitals, to physician practices, to imaging centers and laboratory services, just to name a few.

MRSI is very committed to integrating our practices and goals with their process.

MRSI took our goal as their own and achieved and exceeded the goal.

The combination of the reporting and in depth knowledge of the client's business by the MRSI management team is without a doubt, their formula for success and we highly recommend their services!